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DiVinica #1 Seasons Goddess: Summer LTD 150

DiVinica #1 Seasons Goddess: Summer LTD 150

SKU: ComicDiv1_Summer_LTD150_CS

DiVinica #1 "Summer"

Limited to 150 Copies

Part of the Seasons Goddess set

Previously a LTD pearl cover. Cover now printed on thick cardstock  

24 Pages

  • DiVinica #1: Aphrodite

    The battle of Ouranos and Cronus and the birth of Aphrodite as set in classical Greek Mythology. Also features Gaia and the goddessses of the seasons–the Horae.

  • Important note:

    In order to give you the very best quality possible, we are creating each item for you specifically. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production & shipping.

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