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DiVinica Genesis #1: e.Bas Formation 2 -Pencils Edition

DiVinica Genesis #1: e.Bas Formation 2 -Pencils Edition

SKU: ComicDivGen_Formation2_LTD100_CS

Genesis #1 sketchbook with exclusive e.Bas covers showing all stages of the cover image's development. This cover is stage-2: the final pencils. 


Limited to 100


Cover printed on thick cardstock


  • DiVinica: Genesis #1

    DiVinica: Genesis is a 24 page, comic-sized, "making of" sketchbook with rough drafts and concept art from DiVinica 1-4. This book is packed edge-to-edge with artist notes and unpublished sketchy goodness including some Skyclad art.

  • Important Note:

    In order to give you the very best quality possible, we are creating each item for you specifically. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production & shipping.

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