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DiVinica 6: Box of Favor

DiVinica 6: Box of Favor

SKU: divinica-6-box-of-favor
$240.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

Special editions, a set of back issues, and a guaranteed high-end chance book. Comes bundled in a Yggdrasil mailer. LTD 100.


Bundle Includes:

- DiVinica 6: Vigil Closeup Edition (LTD 100 and Exclusive to this Bundle)


- DiVinica 6: Mythmarked Radiated Edition (LTD 250)


- DiVinica 6: Starsigned Clouds Edition (Unlimited)


- DiVinica 1-5 Watercolor Set (Unlimited)


- 1 Guaranteed Level 3 Chance Book (See the Books)


Possibly Included (No Guarantee):

The Box of Favor entitles you to a 2 in 20 chance to ALSO receive an ultra-rare Bloodmoon Metal Edition (See the Books).

  • Important Note:

    In order to give you the very best quality possible, we are creating each item for you specifically. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production & shipping.

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